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Magna MENA is a media architecture, media planning and buying agency that creates unique world class communications for brands in the Middle East and North Africa. Today, Magna is focused on what really connects brands to consumers – engagement and conversations.

How do you talk to your audience today?


Teens and Tweens

Teenagers. Tweens. The Generation Why. Well, it used to be a world of LOL, OMG and short form. But today, because of YOLO (You Only Live Once), they’ve all got smartphones, and texting, messaging, snapchatting is easy with more FYIs. IRL (In Real Life), they are talking on social and on their phones like normal, like. Random. Trends change, technology changes, but tweens remain tweens. Just a couple of years short of independence and glory. Come talk to us today about targeting teens and tweens for your brands. TTYS, then (that’s teen speak for Talk To You Soon).



Mom. Soccer mom. School mom. Super mom. How does a brand connect with today’s busy mom, wife, and Director all at the same time? On facebook? Via text? Online on a well baby portal? On tv when she’s a bit relaxed? Or on an iPad where she actually downloads and watches tv? Today’s moms are busy. Shuttling between home, school, the music lesson, soccer, the grocery store and the kitchen. And her art class. Come talk to us today about targeting moms for your brands. Cut through the clutter with micro targeting and engage her with experiences that add value, not interrupt. Call us. Let’s do coffee. With mom.


Your fridge

If your fridge is talking to your watch and your phone, can we talk to your fridge? If it’s telling you you are out of milk, can we suggest a brand of milk? Or free range eggs? Organic butter perhaps? With the Internet of Things here, and wearables being the next big thing, we are quickly learning how to weave Machine to Machine conversations in our strategies and plans. Learning to speak a new language. Staying ahead of the curve. Want your brand to talk to a fridge? Come talk to us first.



Ahmad. May look like your typical regional demographic. Thirty something business man. Father of three. Sports enthusiast. Loves his cars and his coffee. Spends a lot of time watching tv serials and football. But not necessarily on tv. He place shifts his content on to his tablet and consumes his media wherever, whenever. So we need to target him with what we call a ‘video neutral’ approach. Meeting him halfway on YouTube and tv, on twitter and on outdoor. And draw him in with genuinely interesting content. Delivered in context. Want to engage in a conversation with Ahmad? Come talk to us first.


SMEs and Startups

Today, every one is interested in talking to SMEs  – the Small & Medium Enterprises. The startups. The entrepreneurs. From banks to brokers, from radio stations to real estate agents – we all are aware of the increasing relevance of the SME in Business to Business communications. With their focus clearly on growing their businesses, they have little time for anything else. And their attention is a rare commodity particularly when it comes to media? That’s why you need insights on how they spend their day. What they do on weekends. And where they can be engages. Want to cut through and talk to the really busy folks in business? Let’s talk.

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