Magna MENA – a new position in Media Planning

Over the years, we have seen the scope of media agencies evolve from the excel sheet – i.e. a simple media contact point plan, GRPs, reach, copies, etc to a more sophisticated answer to the need of the hour. Which is how do you effectively create connections between brands and customers, target audiences and consumers. Today, consumers are no longer drawn in just by an advertising message. They are involved and participative in conversations with brands and this is why it has become important for us to take a serious look at engagement.

Thus, our new position evolved: Magna MENA is a media architecture, media planning and buying agency that creates unique world class communications for brands in the Middle East and North Africa. Today, Magna is focused on what really connects brands to consumers – engagement and conversations.

Yes, of course, Magna is focused on media planning and optimized effective buying of media time and space – but all that is really geared to deliver the best business results for our clients. And business results are delivered when bottom lines improve, brands have better impact and are memorable. It is the familiarity of conversations that consumers engage in with the brand, amongst themselves about the brands, and of course across all mediums with particular focus on social media.